EnvyRP 2021 Update & Information Notes 🍾


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Jul 3, 2020
Good Afternoon,

Welcome to the EnvyRP 1.5 update! I'd firstly like to say, on behalf of the staff team, we appreciate your dedication, love, and support for our community. It is truly appreciated and we have been working every day for the last month on this update so you can have the best possible Roleplay experience here. With that being said, let's get into what we've cooked up for you.

Patch Notes

Everything listed below has been well tested in normal environments with less than 10 players.
There is no guarantee that everything will work. In a situation where you are unsure if something is normal, please report it.

New Framework

This is one of the biggest, yet unseen change on this list. It is important that the framework is well-built as it is the glue that holds everything together. So, I decided to completely re-write it. Check out some of the changes:
  • Storing player data is much better now as we now use Citizen IDs to link your characters with other scripts, rather than identifiers.
  • Your character's location no longer saves to the MySQL database but instead uses RocksDB. This is effective as it uses fewer server events and saves more accurately.
  • Entirely new bank code.
  • Less SQL, better code, performance improvements, you got the point?! <3
  • Remote calls have been implemented by Pkarti to allow for improved code.

Character Management​

For a long time, the community has been requesting more character slots and the ability to switch characters without quitting the game.
And... your wish is my command! Look look...
  • You now have the ability to do /logout at select locations on the map.
  • There are now up to 8 character slots, compared to the older 5.
  • Whilst selecting your character, you can now preview your character
  • You now have the ability to spawn at your property - Flakey


We wanted to change up banking to make it feel more feature-packed and modern, Flakey has done some pretty awesome things with me:
  • A whole new banking UI has been added. - Flakey
  • New top-right money animations, text, etc... - Flakey
  • Much less CPU usage used by banking now.
  • ATM and Bank animations are much smoother and pleasant to use.
  • You can now do bank transfers, both online and offline. - Flakey & Flawws
  • Bank blips now only show the closest bank.
  • Bank transactions are saved and shown on the UI - Flakey


Another wonderful change completed by Flakey. It's pretty awesome, let me tell you what they are:
  • An actual Garage UI is available to you to interact with.
  • Vehicle spawning is logically much better.
  • No more invisible vehicle bug as vehicles are spawned on the server's end.
  • You store your vehicles using the F1 menu.
  • The ability to transfer vehicles is executed using the Garage UI, not F1.

Emotes & Walks​

We know you guys love your emotes and walking, they're a very essential to your quality of life in Roleplay and adds immensely to the immersion.
  • An entirely new emote & walks menu - Pkarti
  • We have added a ton of new emotes (report removed ones) - Pkarti
  • The /walks command has been very well refreshed and is much cleaner.

Businesses & Billing​

Cupid has been non-stop working on the way businesses work on EnvyRP. In conjunction with his hard work, we redesigned the business (boss) menu, it uses completely new code to manage your business, and please stop using the word "society" - a more in-depth log is below:
  • A new menu is now used to handle employees, salaries, and business funds.
  • Everything on the menu updates live as you manage your business.
  • Server code is much more efficient now, using exports rather than horrible ancient code.
  • You can set your business code using /setcode [num]
  • A new billing menu has been added, accessible using F1 or /bills
  • Billing management is executed by exports and functions.
  • You can now view bill information.
We do plan to add the ability to define uniforms soon.
Keep in mind, you can not edit job salaries at this time, if your business needs changes, open a ticket.


Being in Prison, it can be fun, but at times, it can be quite boring. We have made some changes after communicating with some valued members of the community, have a look at what we did:
  • Prison time now decreases whilst offline.
  • You are given a more accurate time of release when you are placed in prison.
  • Pkarti completely recoded the server and client-side of the jail script, it's pretty awesome and has some nifty features.
  • The fences at prison have been completely redone from top to bottom by Pkarti.


Motels have been quite an up and down at the server, but I think I got it right this time:
  • You now have a menu to manage your motel.
  • The ability to renew is done with the menu and asks a prompt beforehand.
  • You can have an unlimited amount of people in your motel.
  • 3D text of your motel depends on its status
    • Green = Owned by you
    • Red = Owned by someone else
    • Black = Not owned.


I know, housing was good before... but it's even better now! It is less intensive, uses easy to understand code and F1 to manage everything.
Note: If your house is missing, please open a ticket, we can go from there. Housing has been tested in normal and repetitive environments, any issues must be reported using /bug.
  • House markers are shown when you press F1.
  • You can go to F1 > Housing to do housing actions.
  • Furniture issues fixed, I hope.
  • You can now manage outfits by placing down a wardrobe, looking at the wardrobe, and then do outfit commands.
  • You can obtain your old housing items by entering the house, press F1 > Housing > Inventory compensation.
  • Place down storage objects, press F2 whilst facing to access house storage.
  • Housing garages now has a UI.


Thanks to Flakey, the radio has been given a custom design.
We love Flakey, he's awesome at UI stuff:
  • A whole new shell has been given for the radio, Envy custom-designed by Noot.
  • You can now use decimal points in the text box on radios
  • The whole radio shows on your screen rather than only half.

DMV School​

Teamwork makes the dreamwork.
This change is an update by both Flakey and myself:
  • The theory test UI is now completely redesigned.
  • Code improvements in every way possible, uses less CPU.
  • The driving test interacts with you, making it a much more fun experience.
  • A new menu has been added for obtaining licenses.

Pacific Standard​

This change was executed by Pkarti.
We hope this balances the robbery and makes it a fun experience.

A lot of information will be missing from the following due to meta reasons:
  • New pattern for breaking in.
  • Cooldown enabled.
  • Efficient code.
  • Everything is well synced between clients, including doors.

Other Updates​

Whatever couldn't fit elsewhere is here, they're still just as awesome:
  • Client & Server-side CPU/RAM usage is almost 50% lower compared to before.
  • Death management now has much smoother animations, logging, and combat log handling.
  • Weather is now synced and issues with rain have been resolved, dynamic weather is still a feature.
  • The phone no longer has the banking app, you must go to the bank now, it's less buggy.
  • A small economy changes with house robberies and NPC trading.
  • You can now return your vehicles to the car rental place, and it is much smoother.
  • Bank trucks now have a cooldown so you can't hit 20 at a time.
  • A CSS redesign has been given to the progress bar and skill bar (press E bar).
  • Jobcentre has been moved and works with you by providing helpful notifications.
  • A much-needed notepad recode has been executed, it's less buggy now.
  • Server-side optimization to siren controls has been completed, it now self cleans its cache for non-existent vehicles with data.
  • Car wash has been fixed where it would charge but not wash your car because of its damage.
  • You must fuel your vehicle using F1 when near a gas pump.
  • Oxy script has been completely recoded and works better with the economy - Pkarti
  • Entirely new pawnshop menu.
  • Resolved an exploit where hiding in a trunk would allow you to enter from far distances.
  • Alcohol is now back in stores, as requested.
  • ID cards show your Citizen ID (CID) which can be used for bank and vehicle transfers.
  • Solved an exploit where you could ping whilst realistically unable to.
  • You can now delete yellow page posts, and they auto-delete on disconnect.
  • Fixed an issue where miner job blips would bug out when you switched jobs multiple times in one session.
  • Hotwiring is officially fun and interactive.
  • Hospital check-in has been completely rewritten.
  • Discord logging for staff is now much more in-depth, watch out hackers!
  • Weapon files have been adjusted by Nate!
  • Resolved an issue where you couldn't enter/exit trains.
  • Optimized the voice HUD to use less CPU.
  • Resolved issues with the chop shop being exploitable.
  • Changed some inventory icons.
  • 100% fixed evidence, it now syncs between all clients and cleans itself up every 5 mins or so.
  • Added a /roll [num] command.
  • Recoded the way /me works as it now fades out rather than poofing immediately.

Phew... that was a lot!
That's not all, we still got a lot to go:

Cayo Perico & Casino DLC​

We have made the decision to enable this in the server to open opportunities for RP.
It is essential that you understand, you are allowed to go over there, but NOT for criminal activity.

This will change eventually.

In terms of the casino, Pkarti and I are working hard to make this a function in the game!


No... don't worry, it's not as bad as you think!

It's true, majority of the FiveM community uses crosshair programs to obtain an in-game advantage.
This is not something we can get away from, so we have made the decision to enable it for everyone.

It is a blue + crosshair in-game that fades in when you point your weapon and fades out when you're not pointing.
You can toggle your crosshair using /crosshair

New Police Vehicles 🚨 (Blanks)​

You thought we stopped?! Not yet!
This is by far one of the more important updates made to the server.

We now have completely custom new police vehicle models and liveries.
The liveries were beautifully created by Blanks (StabbingChamps) exclusively for EnvyRP.

A special thank you to him.

The police vehicles also have wonderful handlings, worked on by Daru.

Vehicle Sounds​

To go with the new police vehicles, SiikRich (Jermaineeeeeeeeeee) has been working daily to implement custom vehicle sounds.
He has also added them for some custom imports.

This is a wonderful change, my ears dropped when I heard these the first time.

Reporting Bugs​

Thanks to Flakey... you can now report bugs in-game! Simply do /bug and an interactive form will open for you.
Abuse of this will result in a ban, it is not a place to make dumb suggestions.

When you use this, please provide in-depth information.

The End​

Imagine if I quit Envy to become a writer... wait, I just imagined it - never!

None of this would be possible without my wonderful staff and development team.
They're absolutely amazing and we all worked together to form this update.

Important Notices​

  • Use /bug effectively, do not abuse it.
  • There will 100% be a large number of issues, please post them in appropriate channels.
  • Some issues might be missing, they've not been ignored, simply archived for later work.