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Jul 3, 2020
Welcome to the EnvyRP hotkey guide.

These are the most up-to-date hotkeys used on EnvyRP.
If there are any missing, please comment down below and we will update the OP thread.

General Hotkeys:
F1 - Used to open the main menu (Keep hold).
F2 - Opens the inventory, click an item to move it around, the right side is to drop items to the floor/glovebox/stash/trunk. Also used to open glove box and trunk.
F3 - Detailed list of emotes.
F6 - Advanced interactions menu. Used to interact with certain objects/entities in the server. Example: Whilst near/in a vehicle, press F6 and right-click on said vehicle. Another set of interactions will appear.
F8 - Used to access the client console.
F9 - Opens the vehicle menu, must be in a vehicle.

B - Used to play the point animation.
J - Toggles lock on the vehicle. (While facing it)
K - Opens the phone, must have the item.
M - Keep hold to show ID. Also how you can report players by finding their ID.
T - Used to access the in-game text chat. (This is not for OOC use. Emoting and command entering only)
U - Toggles ragdoll, try it.
X - Plays the hands-up animation and can clear any ongoing animation.
Y - Cruise control/speed limiter.
Z - Used to switch voice proximity (normal/shout/whisper).
H - While in a clothing store, and while being within the appropriate area, this will bring up the clothing menus for you to change your character's appearance.
Q - Makes your character duck for cover against the nearest surface eg. walls, behind cars. used to peek around corners.
CTRL - Used to crouch.
SPACE - Used to jump. (Try to jump too much and you will stumble)
SPACE + E - Used to tackle.

But I don't like these hotkeys :mad:
To manage some hotkeys, you can head to settings > key bindings > FiveM and change some of them to your liking.

N - default key to speak to other people face to face.
N - also how you speak on the phone.
LEFT ALT - used to talk on the radio.
/mute ID - mutes a player id, enter again to unmute. Typically not recommended.
/radio ### - join a radio channel.
/radio 0 - turns off your radio.
/volume # - set the volume of your radio.
/volup - increases radio volume.
/voldown - decreases radio volume.

Slash Commands - General: Entered via pressing T and typing.
/e (emote) - engages an emote.
/dance # -starts a dance animation, pick numbers between 1-3999 for different dances.
/e c - Clears current emote/animation/dance.
/walk (walkstyle) - engages a different walk style.
/ph - displays your phone number to those in close proximity to you.
/bank - displays how much money is in your bank.
/cash - displays how much cash you have on your person.
/bills - displays current owed bills sent to you.

/showjob - displays your current job and rank to you.
/toggleduty - toggles whether or not you are on or off duty at your current employment.

/togglehud - removes some UI elements, enter again to enable.
/closecircle - can be entered in chat (T) or F8 to close the F1 menu if it gets stuck on your screen.
/openinv - can be entered in chat (T) or F8 to open your inventory, fixes some UI elements if they get stuck.

/bug - opens the bug report form.
/report - opens the report form.
/logout - allows the player to log out of their current character and into a new one without exiting FiveM. (Must be at a logout point)

Slash Commands - Outfits; Entered via pressing T and typing when at a clothing store with H prompt.
/showoutfits - Shows your outfits. (at clothing store)
/outfitsave # nameofoutfit - Saves your outfit in that spot. One word only. (at clothing store)
/outfituse # - Uses that outfit. (at clothing store)

Slash Commands - Clothing; Entered via pressing T and typing.
/g0 - takes glasses off.
/g1 - puts glasses on.
/h0 - take hat off.
/h1 - put hat on.
/m0 - take mask off.
/m1 - put mask on.
/shirt - men take shirt off or on. (Also effects undershirts)
/shirtF - women take shirt off or on. (Also effects undershirts)
/pants - men take pants off or on.
/pantsF - women take pants off or on.
/shoes - men take shoes off or on.
/shoesF - women take shoes off or on.
/armor - take armor slot off or on. (Does not give armor)

/glove - To take off/on gloves. (This may make your torso peak through your shirt, however)
/neck - Take off/on a necklace/scarf etc.
/vest - Take off/on a vest.
/backpack - To take off/on a backpack.

Requesting Aid: Entered via pressing T and typing.
/311 (message) - Dials EMS and PD non critical. “Help” does not count, be descriptive.
/911 (message) - Dials EMS and PD critical. “Help” does not count, be descriptive.

Vehicle Help:
- cruise control (Sets it to your current driving speed when pressed)
Mouse wheel up - power on a vehicle. (When seated in/on)
Mouse wheel down - power off a vehicle. (When seated in/on)
J - lock and unlock cars. (While outside and looking at the vehicle)
F6 - outside or inside the vehicle. Right-click on the vehicle. Opens a small vehicle drop-down interface.
F9 - brings up the vehicle HUD when inside.
Q - change or turn off in-car radio channels.
/anchor - anchors your boat.

Fueling: To fuel your car, you need to be by a pump, park your car, turn it off, exit the vehicle then stand by the side and press the "F1 --> Vehicle --> Fuel Vehicle" prompt to begin fueling. This can be cancelled at any given time.

Racing Commands:
/race start [amount] [delay]
- Start a race for money using waypoint or recorded checkpoints, delay is the count down until it starts. By default 30s.
/race cancel - cancels and refunds a race before it starts.
/race leave - personally leave the active race with no refund.
/race record - record checkpoints using the map.
/race clear - clear recorded checkpoints.
/race save name - save recorded checkpoints with name.
/race load name - load recorded checkpoints with name.
/race delete name - delete recorded checkpoints with name.
/race list - list saved checkpoints by name.

Vehicle Ban List:
There is currently no Ban List for vehicles.
The only vehicles not to be used in crime or combat are those that are either entirely bulletproof, or have bulletproof parts, eg. the monster truck, Stratum sedan, and several imports.
Cars with no rear windows do not count as "bulletproof"

✨Updated on 6/12/21 by Noot regarding Vehicle Ban List information.✨
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